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[A little-known Star Wars fact: As an apprentice Jedi, Yoda paid his dues by serving as a technical writer. The following text is the first part of the only example of his work that has wormholed its way to us. It’s a user’s manual for installing, calibrating and using the software that light sabers need to function. In addition to his other formidable exploits, Yoda as a great technical communicator remembered will be.]


For purchasing Light Saber Toolbox®, thank you. For any application of a light saber—even opening packages—essential it is. Simple and pleasurable this guide the installation and operation of the toolbox makes. In it you find

  • Background – About your light saber
  • Installation – How the code to bootstrap
  • Control Logic – General operating principles
  • User Interfaces – Two of them, your choice
  • Self-Tests and Diagnostics – If trouble you encounter
  • For More Information – Learn more, you always can

Know we do that Light Saber Toolbox many generations of Jedi knights has faithfully served (some without upgrades, even). And you too it will if with the Force you abide.


A Jedi Knight’s weapon a light saber is, but a dark side its lethality can have. When used in battle, on it a Jedi great faith must place. Forceful, Accurate, Rugged, Correct, and Simple it must be; the FARCS principle we call this:

  • Forceful – Through the user the Force it must energetically channel
  • Accurate – The proper power to the proper places it must project
  • Rugged – Many gravities and energies without diminished capacity must it survive
  • Correct – When lost in battle and by another being appropriated, only the Force must it serve
  • Simple – A User Interface to even a Youngling completely obvious

The configuration of a light saber familiar to you should be. On this page a JediMatic FX 3.5 model diagram observe.






To you and to your light saber Light Saber Toolbox provides

  • Trouble-Free Installation
  • Full Control Logic
  • Two User Interfaces
  • Self-tests and Diagnostics


Light Saber Toolbox to you comes on a plasmoidal holoplex embedded:

Dimensions of 2.8103×10^-12 by 4.6817×10^-12 RLU the holoplex has (a standard REM package this is). To install, as follows do:

  1. Provided minikin tool from protective pod remove.
  2. In each of four security knots of Access Cover minikin successively insert.
  3. Access Cover remove and aside set
  4. If light saber old holoplex contains, remove and aside set; grasp edges only.
  5. From protective pod remove new holoplex; grasp edges only.
  6. New holoplex into REM 168U port in access panel insert; in will it be drawn.
  7. For access panel to green glow await.
  8. Against pulsing orange triangle nose press until “DNA now entered” you are told.

NOTE — If Gotal- or Rodian-type DNA you have, a bit longer will this take.

  1. For booting, access closure, and safe operation follow instructions announced.

Many automatic actions Light Saber Toolbox takes for you the first time the holoplex you insert:

  1. Your DNA the toolbox samples and analyzes
  2. The model and modifications of your instrument the toolbox identifies
  3. Holocode in light saber embeds and this guide to your cortex projects
  4. To JediNet your installation and DNA data Light Saber Toolbox sends
  5. Your personal light-saber passcode (as PLP it we call) it then receives.
  6. For ease in configuring your light saber, HoloHelp it projects to you.

Inoperative the light saber will be if you are not who you say you are or to you the instrument is not registered. If questions about installation you have, to the Light Saber Toolbox User Support Team on Alderaan you can turn.

WARNING — Dangerous side-effects light saber prolonged use may have. Symptoms include giddiness, shortness of breath, eyestrain, aggressiveness, delusional behavior and paranoid fantasies. For 20 minutes following use, food do not eat nor spacecraft operate.

Control Logic

Through a light saber megajoules of Force a Jedi master can channel with ease. If not transformed and gated precisely, this much energy in an adept’s face could explode. During battle, erratic events the saber’s lepto-plasma reservoir to overflow can cause. This event Light Saber Toolbox control logic senses in time and to the Force the excess energy it back-propagates. Before a battle too always must this happen: the way the master holds and squeezes the control shaft and controls causes Light Saber Toolbox fluxes and durations to predict, and so energy reserves to optimize.

How your light saber to your impulses responds on both gigabytes of battle-tested Light Saber Toolbox code depends and how its behavior you parameterize. As more than 80 parameters and 223 permutations of them are required to perform, when the Force fluxes mightily so near to control circuits, a transient event their logic can disturb. Although damage to any of its 16 million objects Light Saber Toolbox can repair within 100 nanoseconds, data can be lost. For more details, Self-Tests and Diagnostics see.

According to above flow diagram the control logic operates:








User Interfaces

Two interfaces, “left-brain” and “right-brain,” Light Saber Toolbox provides:

  • Left-Brain (LBI) – Any object or collection of objects you directly inspect and modify, if allowed; either the default PAC panel or mindstate redirection you can use. By voice, states you may change, such as
  • ➢ Power level
  • ➢ Perceived chroma
  • ➢ Waveband filter
  • ➢ Operating mode
  • ➢ Other erectile functions

Right-Brain (RBI) – corrective actions you can take without conscious reflection, even at some distance, that immediately your light saber’s behavior modifies. Like display above the RBI appears when your eyes you close:

Panel color illustrative only; according to your mood and vital signs it varies.

As above stated, important default settings Light Saber Toolbox configures initially, based on your DNA and vital signs. If even higher functioning you desire, some defaults you must override, using either interface to performance tune:

  • LBI – “adjust” or “adjust ” enter; such commands in TweekSpeak mode the LBI place, a dialog with Light Saber Toolbox enabling. If confusing, contending or conflating responses you give, Light Saber Toolbox with you will reason and better settings may suggest.
  • RBI – When the 😐 button you press, visceral tuning ensues, best done in training exercises; then your light saber you deploy as if in combat. If the outcome of a move pleasing to you is, the ☺ button you then press; if not so happy outcome is, the ☹ button you press. Light Saber Toolbox the rest does, except for your mindstate.

WARNING — Tuning with RBI severe electric shocks can induce; interpret as follows:

  • One pulse – Grasshopper, listening are you?
  • Two pulses – Against your nature this action would be
  • Three pulses – With you the Force is not
  • Four pulses – One or more limbs you have just lost


As of this version ( Light Saber Toolbox with only 27 known blemishes (blemes these we call) shipped. To scan through them, on your LBI enter blemes ‘’. Of these, mission-critical we regard none. At startup or shutdown or both self-diagnosis (snarfing it we call) you can initiate. Each snarf found Light Saber Toolbox self-repair triggers. When beyond capacity to autofix, a hyperchannel to the closest blemoid station Light Saber Toolbox opens and the snarf it transmits. If a known snarf and a fix exists, a patch your unit receives and installs. If not, a blemoid soon will holopester you.

WARNING — During snarfing, autofixing, or patching, light saber never deploy.

For More Information

Knowledge this guide provides, but Mastery? Necessary as the left-brain knowledge it brings, insufficient it is. Right-brain intuition only from experience develops and with unending practice Jedi proficiency perfects. Your performance you can perfect at Light Saber Toolbox workshops, where your Mastery will mature and flourish. A three-day workshop by a certified Jedi instructor is every fortnight conducted at our training facility on Mustafar. At these sessions, under challenging conditions, your skills you will hone. Also with JediWorks your Light Saber Toolbox you should register to the latest holocode updates receive.

Thank you for Light Saber Toolbox acquiring. May the FARCS be with you!

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