Mahmoud—Audio Chapters

You read about Mahmoud’s Jihad  on Meet Mahmoud and his World, where you may have listened to the author reading chapter one. That audio-book-in-progress is showcased here as far as it goes, currently chapters one through ten. Listen at your leisure.

Chapter One

In which we meet Iraqi refugee dude Mahmoud al Ramadi as he washes ashore at Chios and makes his way to Piraeus to hook up with his new comrades.

Chapter Two

In which Mahmoud and his minder, Austrian socialist “Andreas,” get to know one another and disclose where they are coming from.

Chapter Three

In which Andreas introduces Mahmoud (who was told to call himself “Peter”) to their Greek Geek and an unexpected female shows up.

Chapter Four

In which Andreas takes a wary Mahmoud across town to meet their leader, Turkish ex-pat “George” and and his new comrade “Michael.”

Chapter Five

In which Mahmoud, George and Michael exchange life stories and George briefs Mahmoud on what he and Michael are supposed to do—lay a trap for delegates at a high-level meeting in Turkey.

Chapter Six

In which, after Mahmoud reacts to the audacity of George’s plan, Michael tells him it’s too late to back out. Disconcerted, Mahmoud leaves with Ottovio to catch the last bus uptown, but he gets off at the wrong stop and has to figure out what to do.

Chapter Seven

In which, loathe to phone George to help him get unlost, Mahmoud dials Katrina for help and ends up sleeping in her kitchen after an intense late-night conversation.

Chapter Eight

In which Mahmoud learns more than he wanted to know from Katrina about croissants before being whisked away by Andreas.

Chapter Nine

In which George discovers Michael missing and hastily splits to Andreas’ flat only to find that Michael spent the night with a woman, and laces into Michael when he returns the next day

Chapter Ten

In which George tells Mahmoud and Michael details of the mission. Shortly after he sends Mahmoud to rescue a flash drive, he is picked up by police when he steps outside. Michael witnesses the bust and escapes uptown to tell the others.


All Mahmoud’s Jihad sound files © 2017 Geoffrey Dutton. All rights reserved.

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