This is your brain on blogs
This is your brain on blogs

What we have here is an attempt to rectify failures to communicate. In case you haven’t already noticed, there’s a rambling quality to [SITENAME]’s assortment of pages. While the content here skitters across genres and boundaries, hopefully it won’t strike you as incoherent. Interspersed with flash fiction, satires, diatribes, ruminations and non-counterfactual nonfiction, you’ll find retellings of stories straight from the pages of cowbird.com, an extraordinary community of passionate writers that then closed up shop but remains on the Web as an archive of human experience. As a bonus, if you enjoy reading thrillers, check out what drives the transgressive novel Mahmoud’s Jihad and request a pre-publication copy of the first chapter for your inbox.

If you’re looking for posts about things to buy, eat or watch on TV, celebrities, sports, or lifestyles, maybe [SITENAME] isn’t for you, but you never know if you’ll come across items of value rattling around in the blog. If something sucks or doesn’t, feel free to get in touch. To comment on a post or link to your own stuff (keep it non-commercial, please), you’ll need to use disqus. It’s easy enough to identify yourself Love to hear from you. Feel at home. Thanks for coming.

About the site’s name: I’m a skeptical curmudgeon, not a true believer on a crusade. Still, I feel a pilgrim of sorts. My abiding fantasy is that I’m headed for the promised land, but here on earth and in my lifetime, a place where no one is oppressed or lacks for necessities. A land where equality and justice is the norm, not just the ideal. A land where the odds are better that dreams can be realized, sickness prevented and cured, hard work rewarded, rip-offs discouraged and punishments fit crimes. The idea that a better world is possible keeps me going. Simple and stupid as that. So let’s enjoy each other’s company.

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