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Would you buy stories from this man?

Geoff Dutton’s meteoric career as a geospatial software innovator in academia and business crashed and burned in a series of foreseeable layoffs. In response, he picked up a professionally worthless PhD and did what many burned-out academics and techies do:  become a professional explainer, spending the prime of his life as a columnist and a technical writer telling tens of thousands of computer users what they should and should not do.

But on the side, incessantly and with no thought of recompense, Geoff sought revenge on high tech by exposing the idiotic optimism and dirty little business models of digital enterprises in articles that perhaps 200 people read. He’s kept that up, but branched out, furtively publishing nearly 400 stories, memoirs, poems, articles and diatribes online, all with no assist from the publishing industry. His recent transgressive alt-political thriller Turkey Shoot (Perfidy Press, 2018), set in today’s Greece and Turkey, chronicles the progress of a pilgrim of sorts—a war-orphaned Iraqi refugee bent on paying back assorted hegemons who destroyed his life—and the risky business that he and his radical comrades undertake to dispatch a tyrant. Check it out if you like.

Geoff left his post at the software factory to post for himself in a suburb of Boston in the company of his wife, daughter and two kitties. Besides the content posted here, find evidence of his politics at and this, that, and the other at And if for some strange reason you’re curious about his academic writings, feel free to visit his Google Scholar site.