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How to Save Congo: Saturday 12/9/17

This past week in Goma, the Congo, 15 Tanzanian UN peacekeepers and 5 Congolese soldiers lost their lives and 53 were wounded in a surprise attack by Ugandan rebels. It was the largest of several such attacks on UN forces in Africa so far. A State Department spokeswoman tweeted that the United States was “appalled” but left it at that.

America should do more. Here’s my modest suggestion to help contain this internecine  war to control valuable mineral resources:  We have an excess of small arms in this country. Local police, the military, and CIA can draw on their arms caches and team with the NRA to solicit gun donations from citizens. Unmarked CIA aircraft can airlift the weapons to the Congo and drop them on towns and villages at risk to rebel attack, along with ammo of course, to arm their citizens. I’m sure this will help because, as we know, the only thing that can stop a terrorist with a gun is a good guy with a gun. File under Right to Bear Arms.
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