Guest Post: Lessons from Rojava

For hundreds if not thousands of years, Kurdistan, home to Kurdish minorities in present-day Iraq, Syria and Turkey, has been a pawn in regional and imperial power plays. And now, the Trump administration is about to sacrifice it yet again on the alter of hegemonic aspirations.

We’ve posted several times on the Syrian democratic anarcho-syndicalist revolution that over the past 3-4 years has birthed autonomous democratic and egalitarian  cantons in northern Syria. Formerly calling their polity Rojava but now the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, they rely on US forces to protect them from Assad, ISIS, and Turkey. But not, it appears, for long. I urge you to read Comrade Hermit’s analysis and to protest the impending betrayal of Rojava’s hard-won self-determination.

Updating our  previous posts with the current situation in Rojava now that Trump has ordered US forces to depart from Syria is Comrade Hermit, with a fun and fact-filled discussion on what is likely to be lost if the US withdraws from the region. That would, many agree, be the inevitable consequence were Trump to make a Devil’s Pact with Turkey’s Erdogan, who is has been vigorously attempting to stamp out Kurdishness, whether in Turkey, Iraq, or Syria, as he schemes to rehabilitate the Ottoman Empire. Comrade Hermit, proprietor of Exile in Happy Valley recently had this to say about yet another sellout of the Kurds. Please attend to it.

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