Guest Post: “RussiaGate” Is Fake News. Are you ready for that?

When, after Hillary went down in defeat to The Don, you might have been one of the majority of Americans who accepted the omnipresent narrative that Russia or Putin in particular was responsible for the deterioration of how Americans choose their leaders. The conventional wisdom underlying this proposition is not just wrong, it was orchestrated by minions of the security state who seek an armed confrontation with Russia. How comfortable re you with that idea?

If you suspect that you have been duped into believing Russia is the enemy and Putin is the big bad wolf, I advise you to read Alan MacCleod’s distillation of doublethink as published by FAIR on Friday, July 27, 2018. Author Alan MacLeod (@AlanRMacLeod) is a member of the Glasgow University Media Group. His latest book, Bad News From Venezuela: 20 Years of Fake News and Misreporting, was published by Routledge in April.

Once you have read MacCleod’s article,  does it all at all convince you that mass media constantly lies to you about what America stands for and is up to? What else would it take for you to believe that most mainstream news about international and military affairs is censored if not faked by the Secret Team?

People, it’s 1984 redux.  Know your disinformation and let that be known. Check it out:


Friends, disinformation doesn’t get much worst than this. Stop accepting and parroting lies being concocted by militarists. Even though the truth is not easy to accept, for the nation’s and your own salvation, you must get out from under the conventional wisdom  doublethink that poisons reason and leads to endless military adventures which nobody is able to win.

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