The Daily (or whenever) Eruption


What to Expect from the New House: Wednesday 11/7/18

You may recall that a week or so ago Nancy Pelosi said “After the election we’ll tone it down.” Well Dems took over the House of Representatives and it looks like she’ll be back in the saddle for a couple of years. In fact, she called herself a “transitional speaker” assuming her election is a done deal, which no doubt it is, but it would be swell if a progressive member contested her. Some of the new blood on her side of the aisle may be progressive, but a fair number of new members have military, security, or police corpuscles running in their veins. The Dems strategically placed them to make laws pertaining to national security go the way intelligence agencies want, including reforms to the Patriot Act and mass surveillance. Think about that in the context of emerging fascist tendencies. The spy agencies under Trump are planning to or already do mine social media data to predict protest demonstrations. Lets see what the House does about that…
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